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- Confidential site selection

- Assistance with start-ups

- Liaison with Provincial and 

  Federal governments

- Support for expansion and


- Advertising and promotion

- Linkages to community partners

- Tourism & event services

- Film site assistance & promotion


545 Talbot Street, City Hall

St. Thomas, Ontario

Canada N5P 3V7



Must Attend


9 AM - 5 PM

Fanshawe Career & Employment Services


Elgin Centre

417 Wellington St.

St. Thomas

(519) 637-9876


The premise of the show is that a virus has decimated humankind leaving only two million people alive and without sight. The survivors and their descendants must find new ways to interact, build, hunt and survive. Jason Momoa stars as the father of twins who are born two hundred years later with the mythical ability to see. As they grow to adulthood he must protect them against a threatened Queen and other tribes who view sight as witchcraft and heresy punishable by death.


Local filming will take place just south of St. Thomas on Sunset Drive and will be filmed outdoors Monday - Friday, from February until June or July. Being an extra is fun if you are patient, prepared and have a flexible schedule. A given day may easily last from 10-15 hours, depending on the location of the shoot. 


As the show is set in the future your costume will be provided. Remember, you will be outside for most of the season, so invest in some good thermal underwear and socks for under your costume.  Meals and snacks will be provided but it is always a good idea to bring additional snacks - especially if you have special dietary needs. There is also a lot of down time so be sure to bring something to keep yourself entertained.


You will be asked to bring hard copies or email in the following documents on your first day only. Once accounting have received these documents your first cheque will be sent, you do not have to provide these documents each day you work, just the first. 


Documents include:


1. Individual residency declaration form provided by Production and completed on set.    

2. A  copy of Ontario Health and Safety Training Certificate. If you do not have your certificate go to and click on link, the online course will take 30-45mins to complete.


3. A copy of Notice of Assessment 2018 or 2019 issued by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) showing your address (please black out financial amounts and other confidential information).   

4. A  hard copy of a Utility Bill from the month of December 2019 showing the individuals name and residential address (please black out financial amounts and other confidential information). The following are accepted.....                 


  Telephone bill

  Drivers license                              
• Cable TV bill.   
• Public Utilities Commission bill.   
• Hydro bill.   
• Gas bill.   
• Water Bill.   

• Insurance Policy.   
• Bank account or credit card statement.  
• Mortgage, rental or lease agreement.   
• Ontario vehicle registration.   
• Property tax bill.   
• Statement of RRSP from a financial institute   
• Valid Ontario photo card. 


If you are interested in being on the show please come to the "go see” at Fanshawe Career & Employment Services (Elgin Centre – 417 Wellington Street, St. Thomas) on Tuesday, January 21st between 9AM and 5PM and bring the required information with you. You will be asked to fill out a wardrobe/information sheet and we will take a quick photo of you (the whole process should take less than 10 minutes).


*Please note we will only be able to hire people over 18 years of age on this production. Shooting from late February through to early July.


The rate of pay for a non-union background performer is $14/hr, which is the Provincial minimum wage. There is an 8-hour minimum guarantee on the show so in the (unlikely!) event a performer only works for 4hrs they are paid $112. 


Further information regarding such items as age, weight and clothing sizing will be asked on-site.




Performers must be comfortable with the following…..


 -They must be okay with prosthetics: latex scarring (scarification), knotted hair. 

-They must be okay with wearing REAL fur, REAL wool, REAL leather and hemp.

-They MUST be okay with touching (in a blind world where people use physical touch to navigate their space).

-Natural feel (no fake hair, nails or eyelashes, lip fillers, obvious botox or breast augmentations). Ladies, please come to the go-see with NO make-up on.


1. You must be an Ontario Resident to apply

2. You must attend in person on January 21st

3. There is no transportation or lodging provided for

    successful candidates

4. This "Go See" is for background casting only

5. Role is variable part-time and will require a flexible schedule