Next Steps

We welcome film and television production in St. Thomas. Our goal is to collaboratively work to make your project successful and easy while balancing safety and convenience for our residents and businesses.


Together we will find creative solutions to support your production. Below you will find information about our filming steps as well as details on our filming checklist and our filming related documents and files.

To help filmmakers explore local opportunities and plan their projects, we can help identify local sites as well as understand the considerations and regulations for filming in St. Thomas.

The City endeavours to expedite approvals, to support unique requests, and to accommodate production timelines. Lead times are often flexible.

We can help with your timelines. 

Filming Steps

Filming Checklist

Our checklist (full document made available during the consultation step) is central to the process and provides a sense of what to expect in St. Thomas. As we complete the worksheet together, it will support your planning process and become part of the Film Permit Application. It serves as the primary working document for the project. Of course, not all items will be relevant to every production. Be sure to refer to the City's Film Policy for sections noted in this checklist.

Filming Documents and Files

The following documents and files are used in the filming process in St. Thomas.  Please review these with the Film Liaison before completing and circulating.

  • Film Permit Application - fill in and submit only after the filming checklist document (unique to each production) is completed with the Film Liaison

  • Code of Conduct for Cast and Crew (PDF) - complete and circulate to all cast and crew, as well as include on the reverse of the Notification Letter

  • Notification Letter Template (Word .docx)- update and submit with the Film Permit Application, distribute to affected areas