Filming in St. Thomas

As more filming for television and film takes place in Ontario, we welcome production companies and filmmakers to set their scenes in our neighbourhoods, historic buildings, versatile community, and among the natural features of our surrounding region. Located near Lake Erie's North Shore, we are 200km (124 miles) south of Downtown Toronto with easy access to talent and amenities required for a successful filming experience. 

We see filming as a cooperative effort between the City and the Production. City staff is ready to safely support productions and expedite approvals as much as possible. Our aim is to make the process a positive one for film crews and residents alike.

To maintain positive community engagement and a safe environment for work:
  • Industry protocols (e.g. Ontario’s Section 21 or CPAT guidelines) and Provincial and local health standards must be followed.

  • We are asking productions to increase patronage of local businesses hurt by the pandemic.

  • Some people may be apprehensive about gatherings of people. The safety of and consistent communication with residents, businesses, and bystanders is critical. This may include procedural changes in obtaining consent.

  • More time for proper planning and more space for proper safety protocols may be needed.

  • Locations and/or facilities may require different or additional steps around prepping and cleaning.

  • Changes in local or provincial health protocols orders could impact filming activities in St. Thomas.

Information from the Province of Ontario

Ontario Creates, an agency of the Province of Ontario, offers extensive information designed to assist the Film and TV sector with questions related to the framework for reopening Ontario’s film industry and Ontario Creates’ efforts to assist producers with business continuity.

Filming Steps

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Meeting your needs

Our staff work with you to find the right locations, connect with the right people, and get things right the first time. We know our community and know how to help you get the most out of it. Our community embraces the film industry and is excited to support small projects and major productions.

Tap into the hidden hospitality, talent, and treasures that make Brantford an ideal setting for your production. Email or call our team today.

We are developing a list of film-friendly locations around the City. Contact us to help find the right locations for your production.